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Need someone who 'gets' Pharma?

Work in Pharma? 

Wish you could get another 'head' without hitting your headcount? Need a fresh pair of wise eyes on your business, ideas or even team leadership challenges?

Work for Pharma?

Wish you could get inside your Pharma Client's head? Understand what might fly and what won't? How best to sell your ideas, insights so they want more? 

So glad you found us!!!


We. Can. Help.

Tel: 0435790575


About me

I’ve been in your shoes….


...The local, the global, the primary care, the specialty care and even Rare Disease…


...The new team, the under-performing team, the virtual ones and everything in between….


...The strategic work, the innovation, the implementation, the marketing, the sales, the account management and even mentoring...

...Working client side up to director level on the leadership team, advising agencies with their pitches, taking part in brainstorms and even interviewing doctors for market research...

... I have gained plenty of experience, learnt what works and what doesn't. With a creative yet strategic brain I am looking forward to helping overcome your strategic challenge by sharing my knowledge and wisdom with you.


How I can help...

Pick my brains, get a fresh pair of eyes or just another pair of hands – basically get in touch with someone who gets IT...