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"It always seems impossible until it's done"

I started my career in the London, UK back in 1993 working as a trade marketing executive for a Dutch cheese company launching cheese with holes in the UK. I then joined American behemoth Gillette before they were swallowed up by P&G. Starting on glamour brand Venus for Women and then moving onto men's armpits with the Deodorants range. Positioning a shaver as the essential beauty accessory was fun and so was relaunching Right Guard, an old daddy's brand, against market leader Unilever and its cool kid Lynx.

Wanting more of a meaningful challenge than fighting price deflation at Walmart, I achieved the impossible and joined PharmaCo AstraZeneca as a Global Brand Manager on the breast cancer franchise, sure was a rewarding move... putting all my good FMCG brand positioning statement and emotional benefits knowledge to good use... and in a Global role... I was then invited to join the Neuroscience franchise on Seroquel to lead our submission internally (of course) then externally to get this somewhat heavy drug into the Depression and Anxiety markets. Amazing. This was all in Alderley Edge, a gorgeous but rainy village in the North of England...

So next step was to secure a role on sunnier shores... Sydney was in my sights and I managed an internal transfer to AstraZeneca Australia in North Ryde leading the Market Research & Business Analysis Department. My first big people management role and I was hooked...


Next came along a very cool new role at Pfizer Australia, setting up a brand new Local Marketing team within Primary Care basically unearthing local opportunities where one-size-fits-all strategies weren't working. A few restructures later and customer marketing, digital marketing, account management and the Pain Portfolio of 4 brands complete with TV campaigns and blockbuster targets got added to the mix...hey if the chick delivers, why not lay it on! 

Anyway, I ramble on... probably my favourite role of all time was the Rare Disease Lead role which I thought was a curse but ended up being such a blessing. It's there that I ticked all the boxes in terms of a Pharma Senior Leader experiences. And to end in style, I performed a Global Digital Capability virtually for 2 years working on the dark side of a "Supporting" function as we call. And discovered how much value I could bring having been on the sunny side of Commercial Leadership.

All good things come to an end, I have flown the corporate nest for now and cannot wait to share my knowledge and wisdom with you!

Managing Director and Founder

I have known Eugenie for 10 years and have always been impressed by her strategic mind. I enjoy and appreciate her assertiveness, extended experience, and dedication she puts into all the projects she works on. Our collaboration has been greatly beneficial to our business and our clients' business.

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Medical Director

I can say without any doubt whatsoever that Eugenie is the best leader I have had the opportunity to work with. She has a gift in being able to clearly articulate a common vision and goals for the business that ensures all colleagues, regardless of functional area, are drawn to collaborate to achieve these goals.

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Group Account Director

Ward6 engaged Eugenie to provide strategic input for a recent proposal. She provided valuable insights and feedback that helped shape our strategy, tactics and go to market plan. I have no hesitation is using Eugenie in future as her client side experience helps agencies like ours, strengthen responses to client briefs.

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Compliance Officer

Eugenie's wealth of experience across levels of organisation, deep sense and high emotional intelligence, and ability to apply her development experiences through guided conversation, encouragement and empowerment, has not only developed me in my role at the time, but I continue to draw on our conversations today.

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